Africa In-The-World (Treffpunkt Philosophie) Hardcover  by Cyrille B. Koné (Editor), Matthias Kaufmann (Editor)

L’Afrique dans le monde – Je demanderai au Pr KONE de nous proposer une traduction ou je ferai une interview qui nous permettra de mieux saisir ses propos. PB C

This book is above all an example of philosophical reflection in Africa, refuting traditional commonplaces concerning the continent. The texts comprising this volume disprove the misconceptions that Africa has never understood itself and has never contributed to the enrichment of knowledge, the development of rational thought, philosophy, the arts, science and technology as well as civilization. For the members of the recently established network Africa In-The-World, the contributions dealing with musical rhythms, dances and the continental humanist philosophy confirm that Africanisation is a process that continues unabated to this day. The multiple and significant African contributions are often difficult to see because they have long since been adopted and integrated into the heritage of humanity. Africa In-The-World is working toward the construction of a universal humanity – one conceived in terms of a « give and take mentality. »

SummaryThis example of philosophical reflection in Africa shows how the continent contributed to knowledge enrichment, development of rational thought, philosophy, arts, techniques and science and civilization. The various African contributions of musical rhythms, dances and humanism philosophy have long been integrated into the heritage of humanity.

Koné, Cyrille B.EditorKaufmann, MatthiasEditor

Cyrille Koné was visiting professor at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg. He is the director of Centre d’études sur les Philosophies, les sociétés et les savoirs (CEPHISS) – Center for studies on philosophies, societies and knowledges, at Joseph Ki-Zerbo University. He published several articles and books on metaphysics, ethics, aesthetics in Africa, African civilization.

Matthias Kaufmann studied mathematics, philosophy and political science. 1992 habilitation with a work on reference and truth in William Ockham. During 1995-2020 he was a professor in philosophy (ethics) at the Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg. His main fields of work are political philosophy, philosophy of law, applied ethics and early modern philosophy.